RIXA Background Information


RIXA is a Software platform which makes things talk. We use NFC stickers that can be attached to every real object. When a modern smartphone is nearby an interaction between object and smartphone is happening and the user gets information.

The name of the product RIXA is the abbreviation for “Real Interaction and Xchange with Audio” which means that the real and the virtual worlds are combined. The company focuses on the NFC technology and provides an important contribution to make the “Internet of Things” concrete and tangible. The flexible architecture of the RIXA solution allows numerous applications, e.g. audio information systems at the point of interest, vouchers at the point of sale or greeting cards in a more private setting.

Based on the RIXA platform the company has developed the RIXA app. Personal messages can be submitted to friends and family. The communication channel is either messaging or via social networks such as Facebook. The RIXA app integrates seamlessly NFC functions which allow reading of and writing to NFC stickers. The app is available both for iOS and Android.

Posted on 8. January 2015 in Press

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