RIXA presents world’s smallest CD


At this year’s CeBIT RIXA GmbH will present the world’s smallest CD. It has a diameter of less than 3 cm and can be read with a modern smartphone using NFC technology.

Near-field communication (NFC) is becoming more and more popular which is also underpinned by the recent Apple Watch presentation.

The CD is part of the socialcardz greeting card solution where RIXA provides the Software platform. Together with the client Kurt Eulzer Druck in Berlin and the partner company S&S from Taiwan RIXA demonstrates how the physical and virtual world merge and what ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Internet of Everything’ mean in a personal context. The solution helps the client to extend and digitally transform his value chain.

“NFC goes social”: RIXA makes things talk!

More information on RIXA

More information on socialcardz

Posted on 10. March 2015 in News, Press

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